Camp Akela  (No Camp in 2020 because of COVID)
Northern Star Council  |  Phillippo Scout Reservation - Cannon Falls, MN  |  July 19-21, 2019 (Akela)/July 21-22, 2019 (Webelos I Outpost)

Cub Summer Camp (Akela)

Camp Akela is a weekend program for Tigers, Wolfs, Bears and 1st year Webelos (as of Spring). Cub Scout Resident Camp is an opportunity for Cub Scouts and their adult leadership to spend quality time together working on advancement, enjoying recreational activities and learning about camping.

Activities will be age specific based on rank-so a cub can come back to Cub Scout Resident Camp each year, and get a different experience. 1st Year Webelos can stay at camp for an extra night of camping called the Webelos Outpost.

Campers sleep in two person canvas tents that are supplied by the camp. Activities at Camp Akela have included, archery, bb-gun target shooting, swimming in a pool, boating, crafts, nature, and games. 

Food service is provided in a dining hall.

General Information about this Camp
    1. Arrival - Camp gates will open at 6:00PM on Friday.  There is no meal provided Friday night.  Upon arrival at camp, please track your leader down and hand in your Health Forms and Shooting Sport Waiver.  Your best bet is to go to the pool immediately and take your swim test before the line gets too long.  Most kids stay in the shallow area of the pool and no swim test is required.  Swim tests are required to go in the deeper parts of the pool and will also impact your eligibility for boating if that is offered as an activity.
        2. Tents - If you have not heard by now, BRING YOUR OWN TENT.  The tents provided by the camp are canvas flaps on wooden platforms - can you say hot, buggy and bats?  For Webelos, this is your last chance to sleep on air mattresses with real pillows and huge 10-man go for it...this is car camping at its finest, no roughing it!
            3. What to Pack - Be sure and review the full list, but here is the MUST HAVE list that you will want to carry around with you all day in a backpack (you will leave for activities in the morning and may not be able to get back to your tent between activities):
            • Water bottles (2)
            • Swimsuit rolled up in a towel (one for Adult, one for Scout)
            • Sunscreen
            • Bugspray
            • Extra socks (pair for Adult, pair for Scout)
            Here are some comments on other items:
              • Uniforms - It is nice to wear these to and from camp, but uniforms are not worn at camp, leave them in your car.
              • Lawn Chairs - Nice to have during break time and at night.
              • Rain Gear - Just throw it in your car, you never know...forecast right now calls for possibility of storms on Saturday.
              • Extra Pair of Shoes - Good to have.
              • Pocket Knife - Whittling Chip Card is required which I believe most of the Scouts have earned.
                4. Campfire - Our recommendation is for no camp fire on Friday night since Saturday is a big day.  For Saturday night, have someone bring a small quantity (large fires are discouraged) of transportable wood (do not transport firewood from home to camp).  Make sure someone brings supplies for S'mores, and others are welcome to bring snacks for sharing.
                  5. Departure - Everyone should stay at the camp site until we have been checked out by the camp commissioner, with departure usually by 1:00PM  Optional activities are available from 1-3PM (many kids go back and do their favorites during this time).

                  Cost For Camp Akela
                  • Scouts and Adults - $TBD Per Person  
                  • Checks payable to Pack 626
                  • Both Scouts and adults must bring Health From part A & B and the Shooting Sports Waiver, both can be found below.  Make sure you to bring to camp with you or turn into Camping Chair.

                  Parent Action Items
                  • Registration forms are due by the TBD Pack Meeting.
                  Alan Higley,
                  Apr 24, 2019, 7:12 PM
                  Pack 626,
                  Sep 10, 2018, 10:22 PM
                  Pack 626,
                  Sep 11, 2018, 4:23 PM
                  Pack 626,
                  Sep 11, 2018, 7:02 PM
                  Pack 626,
                  Sep 10, 2018, 10:22 PM